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FBackup 9.0.307 Multilingual Free download


FBackup software is suitable for the preparation of backup of Information Systems. This program, for applications, personal and also for commercial purposes is applicable. Graphical interface, this simple app is designed and you can a variety of profiles to backup on its own. For example, a profile definition, you to backup of the Iranian system. Profile no longer responsible for the backup of documents, the work is yours. You initially have a bit of time to set every profile you spend that the location of the backup is, from what files you want to support get, a backup-How is backup zip to be or not. At what time you want to are taken, Do you want the timing for the preparation of manuscripts, backup, define the other settings needed.

As soon as the profiles motoring to prepare, you simply can key F6 operation backup according to the settings that you get started. If the timing together define the have that other program, no woman, not herself, in time, backup will. For sensitive information, you can password during the backup set. In this program, two types of methods to backup, there is one that, as usual, files zip and the destination storage device. other modes, copy, mirror information. In this case, even folders empty copy are. In fact, in this state, a copy, a mirror of the structure and data of origin in the destination is used. Another useful features is the ability to define operational to run before or after the operation, the backup is. Also for بکاپهای can several different destinations define the security factor is also increased. Backup in cloud services like Google Drive and backup files in the open state is also a component of the other features of this software are considered.

System requirements 

FBackup Compatibility

Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, XP, 2008/2003 Server (32/64-bit)



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This software is free.

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90 MB

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